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Kelly and Danny are spending the summer at the beach in North Carolina. They expect a summer of fun, but they never expected to capture a Sea Goblin!.
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They dwell near the sea, making coastal raids against the Empire , Tilea and even raiding the shores of Ulthain and Lustria.

'Alien' Shark with Goblin-Like Jaws Hauled Up from the Deep Sea | Live Science

Recently, many of these ocean dwelling Goblins have been sighted in Albion in great numbers, in the muddy souther tip of the island that has come to be known as Trogland. Troglagobs can have greenish skin like their common Goblin cousins, though most tend to reflect a more sea-green tone such as turquoise or a similar blue-green colour.

The hands and feet of a Troglagob are webbed like that of a frog, making them excellent swimmers with exceptional speed. Troglagobs actually have both gills and lungs, allowing them to breathe comfortably above or below water.

Popeyed Sea Goblin (Inimicus didactylus) Care

And yes, I have tried clearing a stage. Basically none of your maps have a goblin now, you gotta clear maps to make room for new maps. You can't just exit and go back in, it's the same map if you do that. The only way to get a new map is to clear it.

Goblin (disambiguation)

I am a little confused so would I have to clear 5-S after I get one goblin encounter to have it reset? Or do I only have to clear the one stage again such as 5-S4 again to have the map reset after getting the goblin encounter? When you first start grinding for goblins, you can scan every difficulty on every map for goblins.

For example, once you reach the point where every map and difficulty has no goblins, you keep clearing 5-S4 Easy.

Goblins from Mars - Bitter World (ft. Bombermenslug)

TLDR; once you come to a point where there are no goblins left on every map, just keep clearing a single map and same difficulty over and over again; Easy mode if you want to conserve energy. I've been testing this out on all of the difficulties and it seems that the appear more in Hard Mode.

Interesting Goblin Shark Facts

I've done about 10 hard mode runs and have gotten 6 to appear. And all 6 that I have, have been from hard mode. So Hard mode is where it is at, but if you want to farm the easier difficulties for that chance that they might drop, its your energy ;. Used only 1 leaf in about 15 runs.

Goblin Shark Facts

Not sure about that. Obviously a small sample size because of the energy requirements , but I've just completed some clears of S1 and S4 and few goblin spawns. I also have Special Summer Pass, if that mattered. Updated Ran a few more runs on easy. Seems like easy probably ends up being better, maybe?

I've experienced this too, but eventually there aren't any goblins left. This hopefully helps with that. Just created a reddit account for this and this is my first time posting here in reddit so idk what protocol to follow. Me and my friends just farmed all of it 10 times on 5-S4 normal mode. If you can't see the 2nd at the beginning finish the whole run even if the 2nd battle isn't the goblin one. If your repeated the same place for 3 times or more and there's no goblin appearing just complete one run in hard difficulty.

I think you're right. Summer Karin and hard mode is the key. I'd been having ok luck running hard, but as soon as I put her in my party the last 3 I needed came all in a row. Thanks for pointing that out! I just focused on getting the investigation lead achievement!

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I cannot find any more goblin. Try all the stage and all the difficulty.