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I never knew the real meaning behind the book for many years. My oldest son is I cry every single time. Every time. I just bought it for my friends who are expecting their first.

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I hope it touches them as it did me. When my girls were younger, I started looking for a good kids' cookbook. I love to cook and I wanted my kids to have a cookbook that they could learn to cook from with simple recipes. I started comparing the books at the library and the bookstores. I was shocked by how much I disliked most of them! Several of them had tiny print.

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Some of them didn't have any basic directions for the kitchen or explanations of cooking tools. Many of them had recipes that I knew my kids would never want to cook! A lot of the directions were overly complicated. This cookbook had just what I was looking for--great photos, directions, kitchen rules, and recipes that kids would want to cook! Love Monster. Only 7 left in stock - order soon.

My daughter loves these books so I bought one for a friend and wrote on the back with sharpie. If your kids are afraid this one and the scary something version are perfect.

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Algonquin, IL. I got this for my 8 year old for Christmas and she loves it. She loves looking through it and finding a recipe for us to try. Also, she's more likely to eat stuff that she normally wouldn't if she's involved in its creation : I remember my mom getting me my first cookbook which I still have and love. I still use the banana bread recipe! Happy with this sweet cookbook.

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Our 7-year old had been asking us "Who's the tallest person in the world? Both books were an absolute hit! He started reading them at the party and these two books along with a "Laugh out Loud" jokes book will keep him busy until school starts.

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Dinosaur A-Z: For kids who really love dinosaurs! This book is great. But this book gave me an instinct that when we found THE ONE the true one then it automatically give us courage to do anything for our life to be happy with the one. There is a sentence in this book "there will be someone for everyone waiting and when the time arrives the one will comes into existence to us" sorry I didn't let the sentence down here same as in the book but I wrote it what that gets into my mind through this book. Really I recommend this book for See All Buying Options.

Our Impossible Love. The second half is amazing. This Love that Feels Right…. Loved this book n thanks for giving us a new n fresh point of view to look beyond our traditional myths..

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This Book Loves You. Only 1 left in stock. This book loves you like a duck" - by Amazon Customer. This book is amazing!! This book loves you like a duck :". Lost in Love. There is a saying don't judge book by its cover.. But I had judged this book as awesome by its cover itself.. Amazing book, Amazing author, Amazing story.. The Alchemist.

One of the best books I have purchased. It's a story about a person who want to turns his dreams into reality. The author has described everything in story form, which is needed to turn one's goal or dream into reality. Its written in very simple words and is indeed very interesting, I am sure most of us would like to finish this in one go as soon as you are done reading first few pages since it builds on interest to get it finished soon.

Here are few of the teachings from book and I'm sure you will find plenty others in book. Having literature online makes it available to everyone with an internet connection. Millions of volumes are accessible through a simple Google search, your entire library of Tolstoy, Hemingway, and Huxley fits in the pocket of your jeans. How dare I contradict the innovation of modern technology? Reading an eBook or skimming through a downloadable PDF is fine, but without holding the weight of all the words in your hands, there is no relationship between you and the prose.

No perceptible connection, no friendly rapport, no palpable, corporeal affiliation exists with a very two-dimensional blue-light emitting screen. A good story is meant to be curled up with, recommended to close friends, stained with hot chocolate, and passed down from generation to generation, withstanding the test of time and the advent of technological advancements.

From a rational standpoint, a book is simply some thin sheets of dead tree bound with glue and a cover slapped on. But on a much deeper level, it is a realization that another human being has poured their soul into creating a story that they hope will live forever. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!